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• ATU 1624 Launches Fatigue Kills Campaign, visit the Fatigue Campaign tab in navigation menu for the latest news, videos and other content.

• Congratulations to ATU 1624 and our members on the 25th Anniversary of the Local, we have come a long way in past 25 years, but there is still a long ways to go.

• If the Union does not have your current address and contact information please update it A.S.A.P

Located in Mississauga, Ontario, the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 1624 is a chapter of the Amalgamated Transit Union. ATU 1624 has over 300 members and proudly serves the men and women who drive for Coach Canada/Megabus in Toronto, Montreal, Kingston, Peterborough, Toronto (Mississauga), Niagara Falls, Cobourg, and the maintenance department in Mississauga.